27 08 2009

My cable and Internet have been down for at least 30 hours. Comcast customer service claims the outage affects several neighboring cities and will be resolved tomorrow…

Smells like bullcrap to me. Not a peep about large-scale outages in the local news websites or the usual broadband forums. Hopefully I can catch some of my neighbors in the morning and ask if they’re having probems too.

Update: Did an online chat with Comcast from work in the morning. No outage:


I’m 99% certain that what happened was someone was dispatched on Tuesday to connect or disconnect a neighbor, and they either stole our line or disconnected ours by mistake. Of course, they won’t give me an appointment to correct their fuck-up until Saturday. I’ve escalated but they way Comcast works I probably won’t know if a technician is coming on Friday until one shows up at my door. Well, actually, they probably won’t come to the door anyways… It’ll either suddenly start working tomorrow, or it won’t.

Update 2: Also confirmed with a neighbor that there was no outage. I’m saddened by how well I know how these people operate…

Saturday Update: The technician they sent said he couldn’t fix the line problem. I’m sure it had nothing to do with the fact that it was raining and the end of his day. Now we’re supposed to wait until Wednesday for another tech to come out. I really would love to ditch Comcast but the fastest DSL I can get is 1.5Mbps / 256 vs my current 16Mbps / 768.

Wednesday Update: I’m finally back online. Yay.



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