Dear Web Developers,

1 07 2010

When you use the following CSS:

-webkit-text-size-adjust: none;

You are disabling text resizing on ALL Webkit browsers. If you are trying to fix a problem with font resizing on a portable device — iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, etc — then you should take additional steps to ensure that the CSS is not applied to desktop browsers.

The Internets thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

Phones are so retro

5 06 2010

I’ve been contemplating replacing my iPhone with… nothing.

I’ve got a 3G iPad that goes nearly everywhere with me. Pizza joints have online ordering. For emergencies I carry a Glock .40 caliber and my car has Onstar (Verizon) minutes. Given all that, what do I really need an iPhone for? Am I getting enough value to justify the $1,000 annualized expense?

Do I really need to have a phone in my pocket at all times?

Is it necessary to have a phone at all?

eBook Fail

19 05 2010

I was shopping online for a book this morning, and these are the prices I found:

Kindle: $9.89
iPad: $10.99

Paperback: $8.99
Hardcover: $10.87
“Bargain” Hardcover: $6.40

I really want eBooks but I am firmly in the “eBooks should be cheaper” camp — I can’t lend an eBook to a friend, sell it at the second-hand bookstore, or display it on my bookshelf to create the appearance that I am a well-read person of intelligence, so the eBook version of anything is inherently less valuable to me. To the “but you can carry a whole library with you” crowd my response is that you should stop reading so goddamned much and go outside and play. Seriously.

Under these circumstances I don’t want to buy the physical book either. Book publishers are playing games and I don’t finance the stupidity of others.

So I’m going to the Library.


19 05 2010

Picked up an iPad 3G 64GB yesterday. It will never do everything that I want it to do, but damn is it fun to use.

It’s like living in the future.

Radio Silence

19 05 2010

Haven’t been able to get back into the blogging groove. Blame Facebook. There is a certain appeal to sharing certain parts of my life with people that I know — as opposed to hiding from everyone behind a somewhat anonymous persona.

Soooo… Funerals suck, but not Al’s. He had more friends present than I may have had in my whole life. From childhood to high school to college and beyond. Everyone that spoke for Al had stories that made me sad for not having known him that well.

The whole family thing was… awkward. My youngest cousin wasn’t around much. My other two cousins are women, and with my aunts they formed a circle of girl talk that we men could not penetrate. My uncle couldn’t get himself off of Australian time while we were there.

I’ve never felt so alone while surrounded by so many people.

But that’s fine. It wasn’t about me, and I wasn’t there for me. Seemingly I wasn’t there for any reason that I could tell.

Reconnecting with my Dad was a whole other layer of stranger. While I wasn’t looking he got seriously old. Bad driving, gonna fall and break a hip old. More ornery too. I’m starting to feel sorry for his second (current) wife. Crazy.

Friday Again

5 03 2010

We got here last night, tomorrow is Al’s service. I hate the circumstances but I love being with my whole family. It had been almost six years since I was up here and maybe fourteen years since we were all together…

The more new things I learn about Al, the more I realize what a loss it was that we were never close. Every “surprising” fact and story fits right in with what I thought I knew of him. We would have made great friends.


1 03 2010

Albert didn’t make it through the day. All weekend, all that I could think about was how awful this must be for my three other cousins. Last weekend they laid their father to rest and next weekend they’ll be doing the same for their elder brother. I can’t begin to imagine their pain and I cry for their loss.


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